Crisis management

In the majority of cases the only way of ensuring that a company survives a corporate crisis is to ensure that it is tackled promptly and responsibly.

LCA’s professionals, who are highly specialised in this sector, first of all conduct an in-depth analysis of the company’s financial and equity situation, thus enabling them to identify the most appropriate tool for settling the crisis (reorganisation plans, restructuring agreements, compositions, bankruptcy, over-indebtedness) and then assist companies throughout the entire process.

The team also specialises in providing advice to investors interested in supporting or detecting companies or parts of companies in crisis (through the provision of pre-deductible loans, arrangement of extraordinary transactions, participation in competitive sales procedures and organisation of bankruptcy arrangements), subject to the analysis of the connected risk.

To complete the profile,  LCA’s professionals have consolidated experience in all legal disputes that may arise in this field.

LCA’s professionals are also qualified to act as Bankruptcy Liquidators, Legal Commissioners and Liquidators. Several of them hold permanent offices, at national level, upon the appointment of various Courts, as well as roles within the OCC (Corporate Crisis Monitoring Organisation).

This practical experience is partnered with regular publications and collaborations with specialised journals and lecturing posts, also on the request of leading publishing houses in Italy: these activities guarantee the highest level of detail and ensure that our lawyers are always up-to-date in this field.

LCA Law Firm’s multidisciplinary vocation guarantees all-round assistance with the various problems that may arise during the solution of the crisis (issues related to labour, tax, corporate and international law).