About us

LCA is an independent, full-service law firm, specialised in providing legal assistance to companies worldwide. Our offices are in Italy (Milan, Rome, Genoa, Treviso), Belgium (Brussels), and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), where we operate in an International Partnership with IAA Law Firm.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

As we’ve grown, we’ve been careful to remain as a single unit, while always ensuring diversity. As a team, we drive each other to excel in our daily practices and inspire each other by sharing new, original and innovative ideas to support corporate, economic and technological advancement.

In 2004, after founding one of Italy’s first multidisciplinary and international law firms at the end of the 1980’s - whose global recognition led to the incorporation of the Italian office of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, one of the five UK magic circle law firms - the founders established a new and independent business project, involving other partners with long-standing professional experience.


Today, LCA employs more than 240 professionals and we’re widely recognised for our unique flexibility, know-how and innovations, while maintaining quintessentially Italian standards and the expert levels of organisation and experience required by any important international law firm. This is why, at LCA, we can tailor our services to meet the individual needs of a diverse range of clients, from start-ups to small and medium enterprises, and multinational companies listed in regulated markets.

We strictly comply with ASLA (Associazione degli Studi Legali Associati) code of best practice, to which more than one hundred of the most prestigious Italian and international law firms also adhere.


We strongly believe that in a world that’s always changing and becoming increasingly complex, quick and qualified solutions are crucial for success. For this reason, we feel it is crucial to offer vocational training in various areas and ways. We offer dedicated courses to trainee lawyers to prepare them for their Bar exams. These can be undertaken in the form of lectures in specialised schools and courses at large law firms or bodies upon request. In addition to these initiatives, LCA boasts an impressive range of specialist legal areas: corporate, commercial and tax, extraordinary transactions, business crises, intellectual property, art, transport and insurance, individual and family. In these cases, our trainees undergo appropriate training in the form of dedicated Masters, seminars and lessons organised by renowned universities, publishing houses, public and professional bodies, both by creating updating courses aimed at a wider public, and organising ad-hoc training sessions with our clients on their specific areas of interest and with a specialised focus on their business targets.