Private Clients

LCA assists its private clients in reorganizing their assets, with different management configurations (holdings, trusts, family foundations, and so on) to protect against third-party aggression, including through the possible planning of a generational shift

On a daily basis, we assist great entrepreneurs admirably focused on their business: growing their company, making it increasingly open to international markets, maximizing its revenue. Often, though, they are not as far-sighted in organizing their investments, in managing them consistently with their needs, and above all in planning for the future in good time, from a succession perspective too.

Something, however, is changing: the approach of a business discontinuity event represents for our clients the incentive to ask for our help in rearranging not only their assets, but also their family relationships, so as to defuse avoidable future conflicts.

But why not anticipate this process, so as to arrive at a hypothetical discontinuity event already prepared and with clear future goals not only entrepreneurial, but also familial. Planning often means making one’s strategies and actions more efficient, even from a fiscal point of view.

It is precisely with the aim of assisting our clients in achieving such goals in an even more organized manner that we felt the need to establish a dedicated team of professionals, each with multidisciplinary expertise (such as tax law, family law, corporate law), who would work in a synergistic and coordinated manner to assist our clients in the round. Our prestigious track record, established over the years, in providing legal and tax assistance to individuals and in a broader sense to high-net-worth families (High-Net-Worth Individuals) in the different stages of planning, protection, management and transmission of their wealth, does the rest.

With respect to the static-dynamic interactions between individuals and families with high earning capacity and their assets, in an economic and regulatory environment characterized by great uncertainty, legal assistance has assumed a crucial role.

LCA Private clients can assist our clients in assessing the legal and tax implications arising from:

  • planning a coherent and reasoned reorganization of one’s assets;
  • need to protect assets from third-party aggression;
  • different configurations through which assets may be managed (holding companies, trusts, family foundations, and so on);
  • planning and execution of the generational transfer of assets;
  • need to protect weaker individuals;
  • possible relocation of one’s residence (of all or part of the assets) abroad or in Italy, including through the exploitation of the tax benefits granted by certain reward regimes.



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