Fashion & Luxury

LCA has developed a thriving luxury goods practice that is especially active in fashion, representing numerous globally famous fashion houses and high-end brands. The practice also represents clients in the areas of wines, watches, jewelry, and vehicles.

LCA’s fashion & luxury practice is indeed a transversal practice reuniting professionals from different departments talking the same language as their clients in the industry and knowing the dynamics and peculiarities of the sector. The team is appreciated and recognized for its deep knowledge of the industry and its players in Italy and abroad.

In providing its services the team always weighs up its legal advice against its business and commercial impact. In the fashion & luxury industry (i) time is of essence, (ii) “no” is not an answer and (iii) creativity, even when it comes to law, is a must. LCA’s lawyers thus become a fully integrated part of the clients’ businesses and decision-making processes.



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