Technology & Media

At LCA we know and deeply value the importance of technology. Our team are renowned for their expertise and services in the constantly evolving world of new technology, the web, digital and traditional media, telecommunications and, more generally, all information and communication technology.

Our array of expertise covers commercial, editorial, advertising and promotional initiatives in the digital environment. Our services range from e-commerce and digital marketing activities, from the management of social networks and apps to the creation and publication of online content, from online prize competitions to online publishing and journalism. We offer a comprehensive legal advisory service, with a particular focus on regulatory, privacy, commercial and contractual aspects, on the necessary administrative requirements and on the management of intellectual property rights.

At LCA, we are proud to support small, medium and large companies operating in the technology, new media and telco sectors in all areas of law and in every phase of business life. With our industry-specific expertise, we can provide support in multifaceted areas, through all phases of business procedures. These include: organisation and fundraising, drafting of commercial agreements, dispute resolution, structuring of extraordinary transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, venture capital investments and IPOs, corporate matters, employment law issues. We can also advise on the protection of competition and development of strategies for the protection of industrial property.



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