Acting more sustainably, both in terms of the environment and socially, is utmost urgency. We understand that, and the importance of encouraging a positive change on the planet. However, our commitment is not merely ethical; we aim to create new and tailored consulting services focusing on sustainability principles
Here at LCA, we’ve pursued sustainability in a broader sense (environmental, social, governance) for many years, long before it became the pressing topic that it is today. Our ethical commitment is supported by the continuous development of vertical expertise in our professional work.

It’s through this combination that we established a Sustainability Committee that manages all activities relating to the promotion and management of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives both within and outwith the companyfirm. The Committee, made up of young professionals, is a manifestationdemonstration of LCA’s care and attention towards the younger generations, who, including as stakeholders of sustainability policies, are directly involved in defining the Firm’s strategies and organisation.

Our Law & Sustainability guide project, which analyses the legal implications of crucial sustainability issues, and the orchard we planted with 260 trees on repurposed land in a suburb of Milan, undoubtedly symbolise our synergic approach as a team and desire to make a positive impact on the planet.

To go greener, we decided to abolish plastics in the office and replace them with biodegradable and recyclable materials, limited printing to the minimum and promoted initiatives to reduce food waste, on top of our significant strategic changes, from remote working options to making office spaces more flexible.