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LCA releases its first social report

LCA releases its first social report, reaching out to its clients and stakeholders in a more diverse and organic way

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LCA Studio Legale, which has always been an active promoter of sustainable and innovative practices, has decided to draw up its first social report, reaching out to its clients and stakeholders in a more diverse and organic way. The text, available both in Italian and in English, reveals all the activities carried out with an eye to the future, and the general approach on issues such as the environment, the pro bono, diversity, innovation and digital transformation, other than providing undisclosed details and insights on the reality of the firm (this following the recent governance renewal, with the establishment of a strategic committee and the entry of Alessandro Di Fusco as general director).

“We have voluntarily, and in far-sighted way, decided to draw up our own social report, although, incredibly enough, our reality as an associated law firm is not even obliged to prepare an economic balance. This text aims at becoming a synthesis of all the goals that we are trying to achieve” states Giovanni Lega, managing partner.  

The social report, approved by LCA strategic committee, saw the substantial involvement of several departments of the firm, thanks to the coordination of the head of innovation, Marco Imperiale: all data have been subject to internal monitoring processes and to surveys, in which both professionals and employees were actively involved.

Among the first three realities in Italy to obtain the gender equality certification, which binds us to the constant maintenance of specific parameters, LCA intends to annually release this report, and undertakes to develop further metrics and increasingly ambitious objectives for the coming years.

“We want to believe that the release of this social report can serve as a stimulus to the LCA team in its entirety, and as an inspiration to all our readers, to ensure total compliance with the SDG parameters of the United Nations (Paris Agenda 2030), whose application represents the way to trigger large-scale virtuous behavior, and to encourage the change that we want to see in the world” concludes Giovanni Lega. 

In line with the policy that strongly limits the unnecessary waste of paper, adopted by LCA, the report will not be published in paper copies, but it will still be easily accessible in digital form on the firm’s website, and through a special QR Code created for the occasion.

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Giovanni Lega

Marketing & Communication

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