Alert | 28.01.2022

Diversity, inclusion and gender equality: here comes the certification

In the working environment, valuing diversity means fostering a heterogeneous workforce within the organisation.

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At the international level, the International Standard Organisation (ISO) published on May 2021 the first ISO 30415:2021 on “Human Resource Management – Diversity and Inclusion”, offering concrete tools for all types of organizations, both public and private, regardless of size, type and activity, industry or sector, to achieve Diversity & Inclusion objectives.

Law no. 162 of 5 November 2021, in force since 3 December 2021, amends some articles of the Equal Opportunities Code in order to introduce regulatory tools aimed at encouraging female participation in the labour environment in Italy and reducing differences in salaries and professional growth between genders.


Read the alert by Barbara De Muro, Elena Felici e Alessia Placchi.



Marketing & Communication

Labour and Trade Union Relations

At LCA, we work with Italian and foreign companies, walking them through all the main aspects of employment law. We provide support and guidance for organisational, contractual and litigious issues that may arise out of employment relations as well as assistance in collective and individual agreements with trade unions and institutional authorities.

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While LCA can offer and support you in a broad variety of services, we pride ourselves on consultancy for company law, domestic and international corporate contracts, commercial and corporate litigation and all the regulatory aspects typical of the various markets involved.

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