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The Legal 500 (EMEA) – LCA Studio Legale

New Legal 500 rankings released. Ranked among other firms for "Most Client Referee Feedback in Italy", LCA confirms the positive trend with many new achievements in both practice/industry and personal rankings

Marketing & Communication

The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) guide provides an overview of more than 80 countries and over 2,700 ranked law firms. LCA Studio Legale, recognised among other prestigious firms for “Most Client Referee Feedback in Italy”, confirms the positive trend with many new achievements in both practice/industry and personal rankings.


Recognitions went to:


Many congratulations to all the teams involved and a special thank you to all the clients who gave positive feedback on our work together.

Full rankings on The Legal 500 website.

Equity Partner
Leah Dunlop

Marketing & Communication

Administrative Law

We’re aware that increasingly large sectors of the economy are regulated and subject to national and European public law. With this in mind, we’ve established an administrative law department that will assist and advise you in your relationships with Authorities and the Public Administration.

Banking, Finance & Regulatory

We pride ourselves on the distinguished support we provide to financial institutions, investment funds, sponsors and corporations to help them structure, negotiate and implement a wide range of domestic and international financing and structured finance transactions, including bond issues and securitisations of performing and non-performing loans.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Our accomplished bankruptcy litigation team will assist, consult, and defend you in court with regard to all types of litigation that may arise in the context of bankruptcy or relating to companies in crisis.

Capital markets

At LCA, we’re renowned for our involvement with major capital market transactions, both equity and debt, as part of primary and secondary offerings on regulated and unregulated financial markets. Thanks to this, we’ve been able to develop extensive expertise in the complex industry regulations and financial practices that characterise the Italian and international capital markets. We assist stock broking companies (SIMs), open-ended investment companies (SICAVs), investment companies with fixed capital (SICAFs), and asset management companies (SGRs) in the provision of investment and collective asset management services, as well as in the implementation of crowdfunding platforms.

Commercial and corporate

While LCA can offer and support you in a broad variety of services, we pride ourselves on consultancy for company law, domestic and international corporate contracts, commercial and corporate litigation and all the regulatory aspects typical of the various markets involved.

Corporate Compliance

Corporate compliance is essential to the wellbeing of any business. At LCA, we offer assistance and consultancy to companies, providing them with the appropriate legal support to ensure they proactively comply with laws, regulations, codes of conduct and rules. For the best results, this assistance relies on inter-department collaboration within the Firm, and in particular with professionals from the Corporate Department, specialised in liability under Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/01.

Criminal Law

Here at LCA, we understand that economic and business activity is increasingly characterised by risks, prohibitions and issues that may lead to criminal liability. With that in mind, we’ve set up our own criminal law department, providing highly specialised assistance in risk prevention and criminal litigation.

Insolvency Disputes

If the worst happens and we can’t maintain business continuity or rescue any parts of your business that are still profitable, all and any assistance we provide will be aimed at identifying the most appropriate liquidation path for the specific situation, whether it be bankruptcy or composition with creditors.

Intellectual property

At LCA, we have long-standing expertise in the provision of contentious and non-contentious assistance on copyright and misleading and comparative advertising, trademarks and domain names, designs and models, patents, know-how, unfair competition

Labour and Trade Union Relations

At LCA, we work with Italian and foreign companies, walking them through all the main aspects of employment law. We provide support and guidance for organisational, contractual and litigious issues that may arise out of employment relations as well as assistance in collective and individual agreements with trade unions and institutional authorities.

Litigation, Arbitration and ADR

At LCA, our expert advisors will assist you in the prevention, management and resolution of disputes, in civil and commercial matters. Whether you’re based in Italy or abroad, before an ordinary or special court, or subject to national and international arbitrations, we’re by your side every step of the way.

M&A – Private Equity

At LCA, we boast long-standing experience in global transactions and investment opportunities. We can assist you in structuring extraordinary transactions in Italy and across borders, and in negotiating and drafting relevant contractual agreements. In this way, we can ensure optimum creation, development and consolidation (including on an international level) of your business initiatives, and support your company to harness growth and investment opportunities offered by global markets.


We understand that business crises are complex, but with our multi-faceted expertise in the field of business crisis, we can support, guide and inform you in crisis management, starting from an in-depth analysis of your specific financial and asset situation and an understanding of the causes of the crisis, up to the identification and planning of the most appropriate tools to face it, together.

Tax Law

We know that every transaction, whether domestic or cross-border, has tax implications. For this reason, we analyse your transactions in advance to make it easier for you to pursue your business idea, and achieve your targets, all while abiding by complex tax regulations.


At LCA, we also boast comprehensive and extensive expertise in the Food & Wine sector. Focusing particularly on agri-food law, we have the know-how to provide a range of players with dedicated, specialised legal advice, including: small and medium-sized companies, multinationals, start-ups, agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology companies, breeders, suppliers and distributors, companies operating in the hospitality sector and companies dedicated to food disposal. Our success is a combined result of our profound and diverse knowledge of Italian, European and international industry regulations and long-standing, varied experience in M&A and extraordinary transactions in the agri-food sector.

Life Sciences

Also in the Life Sciences industry, our dedicated team combines cross-departmental skills and expertise to support a wider range of clients. We work with entrepreneurs, institutions, investors and domestic and international funds operating in the Life Science and Healthcare fields, providing full multi-disciplinary assistance, based on the experience and the real and in-depth knowledge of the specific issues of this industry.

Real Estate

At LCA, we provide specialised advice in real estate and construction law, including every aspect of corporate, tax, financing, environmental and urban planning, contentious and non-contentious. We’ll support your company from the initial development phases, throughout the realisation of a project, and during the marketing phase

Technology & Media

At LCA we know and deeply value the importance of technology. Our team are renowned for their expertise and services in the constantly evolving world of new technology, the web, digital and traditional media, telecommunications and, more generally, all information and communication technology.

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