LAW IS ART! | 24.08.2021

“I quaderni di Hannah Arendt” by Sabrina Mezzaqui

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This long-awaited appointment with art returns on the occasion of the new edition of miart.

After the extensive suspensions of all manifestations due to the COVID19 pandemic, Palazzo Borromeo once more opens its prestigious frescoed spaces and its internal courtyard to the public on the occasion of miart 2021, the most important international fair in Italy dedicated to contemporary art, which this year will be held exceptionally in September.

Thanks to LCA Studio Legale, Antonini Milano, AXA XL and Apice’s collaboration throughout the years as well as the support of the Galleria Minini and the Galleria Continua, an exhibition of Sabrina Mezzaqui will be held in the beautiful framework of the Palazzo Borromeo (Piazza Borromeo 12, Milan). Sabrina Mezzaqui is an artist who manages, through a process of reflective self-discipline, to revitalize and express the essential detachment from words using images and objects. The principle of distance, cultivated in the secret rooms of an intimacy that is reflected in her choices of life and in her periods of isolation and suspension, reverberates in a practice – as meticulous as it is compulsive – where construction and deconstruction follow one another.

This work is a manual copy of the pages of ‘Denktagebuch – Notebooks and Diaries 1950-1973′ by Hannah Arendt, ed. BEAT, a publication of 29 handwritten workbooks, in which the author notes and deepens her reflections. […]. The copying allows an in-depth reading, a dictation of the text, sometimes intellectually incomprehensible, but which, however, from the eyes travels through the body to the hand, from page (read) to page (written). A true copy of printed pages. Meditation on the process of writing and reading. The act of reading. The faculty of thinking. Rethinking thoughts, reflecting, in search of the truth“, these are the words of the artist, who will be present at the inauguration of the exhibition scheduled for Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

This project finds its roots through the passion for contemporary art which unites LCA Studio Legale, Antonini Milano, AXA XL and Apice, and in the joint objective of promoting and enhancing contemporary artistic research.

This “communion of intentions” led first, in 2016, to the site-specific installation “Carillon: Opera per Archi” conceived by the artist Letizia Cariello and successively, in 2017, to the first exhibition in Milan of Brigitte March Niedermair’s photographic work, entitled “Transition“, inspired by the famous still life of the Bolognese painter Giorgio Morandi. In 2018, Palazzo Borromeo instead hosted the result of an in-depth study of its wonderful 15th-century frescoes conducted by Michele Guido with his exhibition “Play in the garden _ 2018“. 2019 was Mattia Bosco’s turn, with his sculptural figures that, while transforming, maintain the original strength and materiality of stone. After the cancellation of miart 2020, it is now finally time to present to the public the works resulting from the meticulous work of Sabrina Mezzaqui.

The exhibition will be opened to the public from 16 September until 2 November 2021, from Monday to Thursday, from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00, by sending an email to to request an appointment.



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