LAW IS ART! | 22.12.2021

Our Season’s Greetings 2021

Also this year, our Season's Greetings 2021 by Brera Academy Students


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For nine years, our Season’s greeting message had been entrusted to the art institutes of Milan.
Once again this year we are renewing our partnership with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts: a real work on commission for students, which is part of the Law is Art! project in support of contemporary art. For the 2021 greetings we decided to award the proposals of Filippo Zoli and Carlotta Bandieramonte, both students in their third year of the painting course.




Filippo Zoli, «Now»

Today is always tomorrow’s big party. I have used a single shot of a beautiful red hair to represent a girl surrounded by moving images: past memories, a flowing present, a dream of the holidays to come. We hardly ever think about blurred images and everyday happiness: we are always too tired of the past, bored by the present and constantly worried about the future.



Carlotta Bandieramonte, «One minute to synchronize our hearts»

The qr code, besides being a familiar element, offers the possibility to separate in a very clean way signifiers and significations. It is an abstract image, not symbolic, that is able to refer to a digital “somewhere else” which is expected to reveal meanings. I’ve chosen to work on the appearance of the qr code, that – even if it remains identifiable as a qr code – is manipulated to create an image of a starry sky. The landing page contains a file audio: it consists in my beating heart, which is introduced by the invitation to synchronize your hearts with mine or, in other words, to share a moment that is created by the code. That’s an ephemeral operation in which the image doesn’t say anything and the link creates a space-time to feel.

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Here at LCA, we’re passionate about art. We have considerable know-how and expertise in the art market and are personally involved in the art scene in Milan, and more generally, in Italy. We have a specific team specialised in art law and taxation with a wealth of experience gained from years of providing legal advice to artists and collectors, museums and galleries, institutions, foundations, associations and auction houses, insurers, transporters and other players in and around the art world.

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