LAW IS ART! | 22.04.2021

«Cesura Collective» – Art Is Back In LCA With The Photography Of Cesura


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An exhibition of Cesura opens today at the Milan office of LCA Studio Legale. Cesura is a photo collective founded in 2008 with the aim of creating an independent and autonomous movement in the international photography environment.

«Cesura Collective» gathers 7 projects by 5 photographers of the collective: Arianna ArcaraChiara Fossati, Claudio MajoranaValentina Neri and Alessandro Sala. «For the choice of works, the photographers have decided to dig into the archive and edit the work of each other, a way to keep alive the constant sharing that for years has characterized the work of Cesura and on which the foundations of its creation are based. The result is an exhibition in which some of the most significant works of the production of recent years are presented, with particular attention to show the personal research of each author» declare the artists.

In this unusual moment, LCA has decided to resume the cycle of initiatives dedicated to contemporary art by opening to artistic expressions that are different from the usual planning of Law is Art!, choosing to share and disseminate Cesura’s powerful and alternative photographic work.

With this new exhibition the spaces of the Firm reaffirm themselves as a privileged location where artistic sensibility expresses itself in an unconventional context, a place of innovation and debate – where art connotes and enriches the environment in which the profession takes place – and a recognized landmark in Milan for the enhancement of culture and artistic research.

Since 2014, through the Law is Art! project LCA has promoted, in its headquarters and in the magnificent spaces of Palazzo Borromeo, the personal exhibitions of Tatiana Trouvé, Letizia Cariello, Chiara Camoni, Brigitte Niedermair, Botto & Bruno, Michele Guido, Franco Guerzoni, Mattia Bosco, Silvia Camporesi, Silvio Wolf and Rä di Martino. Furthermore, for years the Firm has collaborated with miart, the most important international fair in Italy dedicated to contemporary art, supporting the “LCA per Emergent” award dedicated to the best stand of young galleries. Among the other initiatives fostering the art circuit there are ArtVerona, with the 2019 award “LCA Studio Legale per la Fotografia Under35” and the partnership with various art academies such as Brera, NABA and RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts.

To the passion for contemporary art of LCA’s professionals – who act as promoters, supporters and spokesmen of all art projects – the Firm always combines a deep knowledge of the art system and a recognized expertise on related legal and tax matters.

The exhibition, realized in collaboration with AXA XL, can be visited in compliance with current regulations by reservation only, writing to

Follow @lcastudiolegale e @cesura_ on Instagram and stay tuned!



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