Law is Art! | 20.12.2022

«A New Horizon» for our Season’s Greetings

A special wish for these holidays from LCA!

Marketing & Communication

From 2013, we have entrusted the creation of our Season’s greetings message to art institutes.

This year we have involved the students of Accademia Aldo Galli in Como: a real commissioned work for students, which is part of our project Law is Art! in support of contemporary art and young talents.
The winner is Martina Viganò, born in 2002, a first-year student of the Painting and Visual Languages Course, with the project A New Horizon.

«The work of Martina Viganò starts out from a photograph of a simple snowy landscape: reinterpreted through the overlapping of a white postcard and her drawing, an unexpected orange hue emerges in the snow trail, which seems to show the road to follow beyond the mountain, towards a new horizon. The landscape sketched in pencil around the path, still lacking of colour and details, is an invitation to decide individually with one’s own imagination how to fill the space one walks through».



Here at LCA, we’re passionate about art. We have considerable know-how and expertise in the art market and are personally involved in the art scene in Milan, and more generally, in Italy. We have a specific team specialised in art law and taxation with a wealth of experience gained from years of providing legal advice to artists and collectors, museums and galleries, institutions, foundations, associations and auction houses, insurers, transporters and other players in and around the art world.

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