News | 13.12.2022

Edoardo Raffiotta New Of Counsel at LCA

A constitutionalist to strengthen the firm's focus on artificial intelligence, data protection and cybersecurity

Marketing & Communication

Edoardo Raffiotta, lawyer and university professor, joins LCA Studio Legale as Of Counsel to build a “Future-proof” legal strategy that, especially in the tech sphere, ensures constant alignment with the initiatives of regulatory institutions by way of seeking appropriate solutions to disruptive phenomena such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.
Alongside the activity of legal support for innovation, the project aims to inaugurate in Italy a Tech Diplomacy activity aimed at conveying a correct message on technology, which – due to a poor digital culture – is not understood and sometimes demonized. The reality, however, is that technological innovation is an unrivalled driver of economic and social development.

Attorney Raffiotta is a professor of constitutional law at the University of Milan at Bicocca. He also teaches administrative law, innovation law and artificial intelligence. As a lawyer, he has gained significant experience in all major regulatory areas of public law. He is particularly interested in public economic law and technological innovation in services, with a specific focus on data protection, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.
He is also a member of the Research Center in Public Law and Policy at the Berkeley School of Law – University of California, with a research assignment on the legal profiles of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Professor Raffiotta stated: “With the professionals at LCA, we share the same focus on innovation. LCA is a professional reality with a marked cultural identity: the focus on the world of innovation which is absolutely at the heart of my academic interests”.

Attorney Giovanni Lega, managing partner of LCA, said: “Prof. Edoardo Raffiotta will bring an important contribution. A constitutionalist who deals with technology: there are not many of them. Traditionally, digital law is an area of expertise for civil lawyers. However, the impact of technology on rights and institutions has opened a new regulatory season, which, above all, is characterised by the State’s interest in the digital phenomenon.
Considering the new centrality of public law in the regulation of the digital, there is a clear need to work on new synergies and strive to promote a specific sensitivity for companies and institutions in putting constitutional rights back to the ccenter”.

Marketing & Communication

IT & Data Protection

At LCA, we take great pride in the specific expertise we’ve gained in the management of privacy issues, ensuring full compliance with European (GDPR) and Italian legislation and with the directives issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority. We have years of experience in monitoring innovations in big data and cybersecurity.

Administrative Law

We’re aware that increasingly large sectors of the economy are regulated and subject to national and European public law. With this in mind, we’ve established an administrative law department that will assist and advise you in your relationships with Authorities and the Public Administration.

Technology & Media

At LCA we know and deeply value the importance of technology. Our team are renowned for their expertise and services in the constantly evolving world of new technology, the web, digital and traditional media, telecommunications and, more generally, all information and communication technology.

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