LAW IS ART! | 09.10.2014

Art work exhibition by Letizia Cariello

Marketing & Communication

LCA law firm announces with great pleasure that Thursday, 9 October 2014, it will inaugurate an exhibition of art works of Letizia Cariello at its premises in Milan. The exhibition presents the recent outcomes of the artist’s research on the theme of time, its flow and its dialogue with objects of everyday life,and collects the first set of a new series recently exhibited by the Massimo Minini Gallery at Art Basel and other art works, including the ones recently displayed during the exhibition “40 Years of Contemporary Art” that celebrated the activity of Massimo Minini at the Triennale Museum of Milan, in a real installation.

The initiative is part of the project “LAW IS ART!” promoted by LCA and born from the passion for the art world (in particular the contemporary art) of some of its professionals, their personal engagement on the Milanese and Italian scene, their deep knowledge of the art market and their recognized legal expertise in the art law field.

Within the project “LAW IS ART!”, launched with the sponsorship of the MIART 2014 Emergent Prize and the personal exhibition of Tatiana Trouvé, set up in occasion of the assignment of the ACACIA 2014 Prize, LCA will convert one of its meeting rooms in a real artist’s Project Room, that will become a privileged meeting and exchange place in which the passion for art will reveal itself in a professional context, and will organize a series of seminars on the multiple aspects of art life, world and market, in cooperation with important institutional and company partners among which AXA ART.

LCA’s strong commitment towards art and its promotion outside the traditional circuits grounds, on the one hand, on the institutional aims of sustaining innovation in every field and endorsing human creativity, and, on the other hand, on the full recognition of art as source of cultural investment and enrichment.

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