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Decreto flussi: new quotas for the entrance of foreign workers for the period 2023-2025

After completing all parliamentary steps, the decree setting the entry quotas for foreign workers for the three-year period 2023-2025 has been published on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

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The decree on the programming of entry flows, the outline of which was presented during the last summer, was published this week in the Official Gazette, and contains the number of quotas for each year concerned and already the calendar of dates for the filing of the applications for 2023.


This new decree envisages 452,000 new entries for the above-mentioned three-year period, staggered as follows:

  • 136,000 foreign nationals for the year 2023;
  • 151,000 foreign nationals for the year 2024;
  • 165,000 foreign nationals for the year 2025.


As mentioned above, moreover, the decreto flussi already provides the dates for the submission of applications for the year 2023, in particular: (i) from December 2, 2023, non-seasonal subordinate workers who are citizens of countries that have cooperation agreements with Italy will be able to apply; (ii) from December 4, 2023, other non-seasonal subordinate workers will be able to file their application and (iii) from December 12, 2023, seasonal workers will be able to apply.


The 136,000 non-EU workers for 2023 were divided into the following quotas:

  1. 82,000 dedicated to the agriculture, hotel and tourism sectors for Seasonal Work;
  2. 53,450 dedicated instead to employment and self-employment divided as shown below:
  • for the transport and shipping, tourism, construction, telecommunications and food sectors:
    – 2,000 quotas for nationals of countries that campaign against the risks of irregular immigration
    – 25,000 quotas for a list of countries specifically identified by the decree
    – 12,000 quotas for citizens of countries that have signed cooperation agreements with Italy
    – 100 quotas reserved (for both employment and self-employment) for foreigners of Italian descent residing in Venezuela
    – 200 quotas reserved for stateless persons and refugees, for both employment and self-employment


  • 9,500 quotas were reserved for family collaborators
  • 500 quotas for self-employment, reserved for specific categories identified by the decree
  • 4000 quotas were reserved for the conversion of seasonal residence permits into residence permits for subordinate work.


The decree will be subjected to further implementing provisions, which will soon be defined by a joint circular of the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry and the Ministry of Tourism, after consulting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.




LCA’s Immigration team is available for further clarifications on the quotas set by the Prime Minister’s Decree on entry flow programming 2023-2025 and will keep you updated on the latest developments in Italian immigration law.

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