News | 05.07.2022

National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP): LCA obtains the gender equality certification

LCA is the first certified law firm: a major step for equality and inclusion

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A major step further is recorded in the matter of equality and inclusion. LCA proves to be the first Italian law firm, and one out of the three total Italian realities more broadly, to obtain the gender equality certification in accordance with the Reference Practice UNI 125:2022, that was introduced by Law No 162/2021 and that modified the Equal Opportunities Code in line with the previsions of the NRRP.

Following the accreditation of the certifier Bureau Veritas by Accredia, it ends the comprehensive path that saw the involvement of LCA’s D&I Committee as well as that of other firm’s functions, among which HR and Knowledge management.

‘It has now become an imperative for all companies and virtuous realities to ensure a truly inclusive system that respects gender diversity in the work environment, a system that is based on both individual initiatives and on monitorable objectives and data, in order to always improve’ proudly observes Barbara de Muro, equity partner at LCA and head of the AslaWomen section of Asla (Association of Associated Law Firms). Together with Elena Felici and Alessia Placchi, members of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee of LCA, Barbara de Muro coordinated the accreditation process during the phases of preparation and audit.

‘We are today the first in the legal landscape, but we hope that many other law firms will soon choose to embark on our same path. Inclusion is first of all a cultural process, and for this reason it has been important to share it with the entire organization and, in primis, with LCA management’ concludes lawyer Alessia Placchi.

The gender equality certification is valid for a period of three years and, in order to monitor the management system and to identify possible areas of improvement, it provides for two inspections on an annual basis.

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