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Outsourcing and Digital Projects Development in Bulgaria

20 January 2021

On January 20th at 2pm a new webinar will take place, organized by LCA in partnership with the Bulgarian New Balkans Law Office.

The event will start with the speech of a representative of the Bulgarian Government’s business mission in Northern Italy, describing trends and opportunities for economic cooperation between the Balkan country and the Italian economic powerhouse.
The webinar will then examine Bulgaria’s progress in becoming a top destination for digital outsourcing, the growth of its dedicated workforce and the steps taken for employees’ development in order for them to meet the demand.

A further session will survey landscape, opportunities and challenges for larger outsourcing companies, the reasons why they base themselves in Bulgaria and how these reasons evolve over time.
Afterwards, taking the perspective of a large player, the speakers will describe the niches in which Bulgarian-based agents could add great value. The rollout of projects will be examined by a highly experienced industry insider.
Finally, looking at the entrepreneurial end of the spectrum, an executive from the gaming industry – whose professional journey took him through Sweden and Malta before Bulgaria – will describe the opportunities for hiring smaller teams for highly specialised digital tasks and how growing companies could benefit from it.

Here below the program of the event.

Panel moderators
Benedetto Lonato, Partner, LCA Studio Legale
Kamen Shoylev, Partner, New Balkans Law Office

Introductory words: The business links between Bulgaria and Italy
Boyko Takov, PhD, Executive Director, Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency

Development of digital outsourcing opportunities in Bulgaria
Svetoslav Georgiev, Global Operations Leader, C3i/HCL

The trade-offs of outsourcing in Eastern Europe
Steve Jackson, Group COO, Xoomworks Ltd 

Digital project development in Bulgaria
Julian Milev, CFO, TELUS International Europe

The experience of a Bulgarian digital outsourcer
Mattias Bergehed, ENV Media

Video Games Development and ESports in Bulgaria
Martin Kadinov, TDBPlay

Next steps and follow up
Giacomo Tommasi, Associate, LCA Studio Legale
Petro Tyufekchiev, New Balkans Law Office

The webinar will last approximately 90 minutes and will end with a Q&A session.
Participation is free.

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