News | 17.01.2017

LCA with CIEM by FCA Chrysler’s side in the States

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LCA Law Firm, with a team coordinated by Giulio Azzaretto and composed by Sara Moro for contractual aspects and Roberto Pellizzari for fiscal issues, assisted CIEM S.p.A., industrial strategic partner of FCA for more than forty years, in its entry into the American market, dealing with all tax and legal issues of the agreements with FCA Chrysler US and with the main subcontractor FATA Automation Inc, for the new FCA Chrysler plant in Michigan.

CIEM S.p.A., industrial company with an experience of over forty years in the Material Handling (machines and plants for the production of light and heavy vehicles and for the transportation and stock of objects and goods), received important international acknowledgements including the prestigious FCA Partner of the Year 2015.

The transaction, that is part of the internationalization project of LCA’s activities, gains more importance also in light of the inaugural speech of the newly elected President Donald Trump, where he explicitly mentioned and thanked companies like FCA and Ford that have decided to invest in the USA: “Ford announced to have abandoned the plan for the construction of a factory in Mexico and Fiat Chrysler said that it will invest in two factories in Michigan”. “I would like to thank FCA and Ford and I hope that GM will follow the same path. I do hope that companies of other sectors will follow” concluded, confirming the hypothesis of supertaxes for companies delocalizing from the USA.

Marketing & Communication

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