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LCA Ventures invests in the Israeli startup TreetoScope

2 September 2021

LCA, through LCA Ventures S.r.l., the venture capital company referable to the partners of LCA Studio Legale, announced to have completed, together with other private investors, a first investment in the Israeli ag-tech startup TreetoScope.

The startup has created cutting-edge technology that provides irrigation recommendations based on direct, real time plant’s water consumption, also through the analysis of big data and artificial intelligence systems. A right mix that combines new technologies with the agriculture world, with an eye to the environment and water saving.

Giovanni Lega, managing partner of the firm, comments: “this operation confirms two key objectives in the LCA philosophy, to support revolutionary ideas and have a positive impact on the world around us“. Vittorio Turinetti di Priero, founding partner of the firm, adds “another important step in our long commitment in support of sustainability, research and innovation”.

Dotan Eshet, CEO and co-founder of TreetoScope, concludes: “we are thrilled to have LCA Ventures joining us in the path towards optimizing the use of the world’s water resources. This is a significant expression of confidence in our efforts to make agriculture more efficient and sustainable”.

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