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Fashion “Made in Italy” and the FDI/Golden Power

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Fashion “Made in Italy” and the FDI/Golden Power rules were the subject of the interview given by Andrea Carreri, to the Italian national daily newspaper Il Foglio. In the course of the interview, the issues relating to the possible application of the FDI/Golden Power rules to the Fashion sector (also an expression of the “Made in Italy”), as a strategic sector for the Italian economy, not currently covered by the FDI/Golden Power rules, were examined. It was recalled that the issue is today at the centre of the governmental debate and reported the need for a precise legislative intervention that would be suitable to protect at Italian and European level one of the most important sectors of the country’s economy. In the course of the interview, some criteria present today in the FDI/Golden Power law were also indicated through which the Fashion sector, at least for larger companies, can also find application in the context of acquisitions of Italian companies operating in the Fashion area.

Read here the full article (in Italian).

Marketing & Communication

Golden Power (FDI)

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