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Corporate Employee Immigration and Private Immigration to Italy Made Easier with LCA

"We are one of the few law firms in Italy that offers this kind of service, both legal advice and paralegal service. That’s why we are positioned as one of the top players in both immigration and corporate law."

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The massive business growth in the past forty years has transformed Italy from an emigration country to a destination for career development. Accommodating the evolving socio-economic trends, Italian immigration has changed its laws for easier immigration of corporate employees. However, its immigration and citizenship policies remain rigorous as the work permits are granted only after fulfilling various requirements and procedures. The language barrier also complicates the immigration process for third-country nationals and MNCs transferring their employees to Italy. LCA helps MNCs and private clients to navigate Italian bureaucracy by offering legal advice and paralegal services.

LCA is a full-service law firm that assists its clients with extensive experience and expertise in Italy’s immigration, citizenship and taxation law. Its highly professional team of lawyers can provide legal analysis and advice to problems that arise in corporate or private immigration. Additionally, its paralegal team can help its clients in legal research and reviewing, arranging, and processing immigration documents. The law firm’s corporate immigration team can guide corporates in the seamless completion of complex procedures from start to finish, saving time and effort required to navigate the rigorous Italian bureaucracy.

LCA is known for its flexibility in catering services to diverse third-country nationals, defeating the language barrier. The firm employs more than 170 law professionals proficient in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Mandarin and offers immigration assistance to any multinational’s legal requirements.

“We are one of the few law firms in Italy that offers this kind of service, both legal advice and paralegal service. That’s why we are positioned as one of the top players in both immigration and corporate law,” says Alessia Ajelli, Senior Associate of LCA.
The full-service law firm also ensures its clients can adjust to the evolving immigration legal procedures. While the pandemic subsided, it initiated a chain reaction in the functioning of the Italian immigration department. Differing from the traditional method of the Italian bureaucracy that required the legal team to submit the documents manually, the current procedures involve digitalization and the cloud. To ease the process for MNCs, LCA requests its clients to upload their documents to the cloud enabling it to access, download and share these files from anywhere worldwide.

As an expert in immigration and citizenship law and in offering a wide range of services, including paralegal ones, LCA has aided multiple corporate and private clients in immigrating to Italy. For instance, the firm had recently assisted a US citizen, working as an independent designer, in moving to Italy and gaining a work permit by finding a more innovative solution to the issue. Applying for a self-employment visa was not practical due to the immense restrictions imposed on granting it. Therefore, LCA proposed an alternative where the immigrant could be hired as an employee of a new company (in relation to which the immigrant was also a shareholder) in Italy. Its highly experienced team arranged suitable and temporary legal representatives of the company that meets the requirement of Italian immigration laws. The team also aided the client in the establishment of the new company and prepared and submitted the required documents to attain an EU Blue Card that permits Italian companies to hire third-country nationals who are qualified and high educated. This alternative solution suited the client’s requirements enabling them to pursue work independently without legal flaws.

Branched in Milan, Genoa, and Treviso (and with a presence in Dubai, UAE), the full-service law firm ensures that corporates can transfer their employees worldwide to any city in Italy as well as private clients to move to Italy without a hassle as it seamlessly handles all legal situations that can arise during immigration.

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Senior Associate
Alessia Ajelli

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LCA vanta al proprio interno un gruppo di lavoro specializzato nelle problematiche relative al diritto dell’immigrazione e della cittadinanza, alla corporate immigration e global mobility e, in generale, in tutti gli aspetti legali relativi alla gestione di personale expatriate.

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