Mostra | 22.11.2019

“Screens, Props and Electric Lights” by Rä di Martino


Marketing & Communication

LCA Law Firm is pleased to announce the opening of Rä di Martino’s exhibition “Screens, Props and Electric Lights” – a personal consideration of the artist “on the idea of landscape and the contemporary ruin” – on Monday November 25, 2019, at its Milan premises. Rä di Martino’s research “focuses on investigation of the language of film and the relationship among cinema, its myths and collective memory”. The result is an analysis “on the force of images and their potential, bringing out aspects of dialogue in a game of reflections between reality and fiction”, through which the artist “constructs and analyzes stories, creating loops between the imaginary and the real, where the former changes the latter and vice versa in an ongoing alternation”.

The exhibition, organized in partnership with Galleria Monica de Cardenas, Axa XL Art & Lifestyle and Apice, falls under LCA’s “LAW IS ART!” project, born in 2014 with the aim of promoting art outside traditional circuits and, at the same time, a new identity of the law firm, which is no longer perceived as a traditional workplace but as a place of innovation, research and open dialogue. Here art stimulates creativity and interaction, characterizes the working environment and enriches the communication among colleagues and clients.

Within these initiatives, LCA’s Project Room has hosted during the years the artworks of Tatiana Trouvé, Letizia Cariello, Chiara Camoni, Botto&Bruno, Franco Guerzoni, Silvia Camporesi and Silvio Wolf. Today the Law Firm’s spaces welcome the results of Rä di Martino’s artistic research, reaffirming themselves as a privileged location where artistic sensibility expresses itself in a professional context as well as a landmark for the enhancement of culture in the Milanese and Italian landscape.

Moreover, LCA supports MIART, the most important international contemporary art fair in Italy, through the “LCA for Emergent” prize awarded to the best emerging gallery, and the organization of an artistic event, annually included in the fair program, at the gorgeous Palazzo Borromeo, where exhibitions of Letizia Cariello, Brigitte March Niedermair, Michele Guido and Mattia Bosco have been hosted since 2015. Finally, starting this year, the Law Firm endorses ArtVerona, with the “LCA Law Firm for Under35 Photography” prize.

The passion for contemporary art of LCA’s professionals – who act as promoters, supporters and spokesmen of all art projects – always pairs with a deep knowledge of the art system and a recognized expertise on related legal and tax matters. This resulted in the structuring of a department dedicated to art law and taxation, which assists all main sector players (e.g., artists, collectors, museum institutions, galleries and auction houses) in all aspects and issues that characterize the manifold art market.

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