Mostra | 11.04.2018

“play in the garden_2018” by Michele Guido


Marketing & Communication

LCA Law Firm is pleased to present the exhibition “play in the garden _ 2018” by Michele Guido, which will be inaugurated in the prestigious frame of Palazzo Borromeo on Wednesday 11th April 2018, when in Milan will be hosted MIART, the most important international fair in Italy dedicated to contemporary art. On such occasion LCA will support the “LCA Prize for Emergent”, awarded to the best emerging gallery.

The project implemented at Palazzo Borromeo arises from the consolidated partnership between LCA, Antonini Milano, AXA ART and Apice, who are proposing a new and expected art event this year, thanks also to the experience gained last year with “Transition_Giorgio Morandi” by Brigitte March Niedermair and, in 2016, with ” Carillon: Opera per Archi “ by Letizia Cariello.

Michele Guido’s precious work is the result of an in-depth study of the wonderful fifteenth-century frescoes of Palazzo Borromeo and it offers a different interpretation. The viewer is “absorbed in a space in which an investigation is realized under the walls’ skin in which the drawing that is about to be created and the visualization of the images that are taking shape in the artist’s mind, take the viewer 500 years ago“.

The event is one of the now regular appointments of the project “LAW IS ART!” by LCA, characterized by strong identity and authenticity, as it was born from some of the Firm’s professionals’ passion for art, combined with a profound knowledge of the art system and proven skills in the field of art and tax law.

As part of this project, which started with an exhibition of Tatiana Trouvé set up at the Firm’s offices, LCA has transformed one of its meeting rooms into a real Artist Project Room, in which the exhibitions of Letizia Cariello, Chiara Camoni, Botto & Bruno, Franco Guerzoni and, lastly, by Silvia Camporesi, have taken place.

The Firm has thus become a privileged meeting and confrontation place where the passion for art is expressed in a professional context, that differs from the ones where art is usually exhibited. LCA’s strong commitment for the promotion of art outside traditional circuits lays the foundations, on the one hand, on the support to innovation in every field and to the enhancement of creativity and, on the other hand, on the full recognition of art as a cultural investment and as a source of personal and social enrichment.

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