LAW IS ART! | 16.03.2017



Marketing & Communication

LCA Law Firm is proud to present “Transition_Giorgio Morandi” by Brigitte March Niedermair, that, after the successful exhibition at MAMBO in Bologna, is now shown for the first time in Milan in the prestigious framework of Palazzo Borromeo.

The project results from the consolidated collaboration among LCA Law Firm, AXA ART, Apice and Antonini that, in light of the experience gained last year with “Carillon: Opera per Archi” by Letizia Cariello, are again proposing, in occasion of MIART, a new awaited appointment with art.

The research of Brigitte March Niedermair “starts from thoughts about Giorgio Morandi’s painting and its capacity to recount an expansive universe that went beyond the dimensions of individual objects, space, and time.”. The artist “has closely observed the objects in the artist’s studio in an attempt to understand what were the tensions, emotions, and compositional complexities behind his still-lifes” and has concentrated on “the idea of the “infinite horizon” that Morandi’s table suggested to her”. Her conceptual focus on such horizon “leads us into hidden worlds, and offers the value, even the spiritual value, of knowing how to see beyond the invisible”.

The initiative is part of the project “LAW IS ART!” promoted by the Law Firm and born from the passion for the contemporary art world of some of its professionals, their personal engagement on the Milanese and Italian scene, their deep knowledge of the art system and their recognized legal expertise in the art law field.

Within this project, launched with the personal exhibition of Tatiana Trouvé, set up in occasion of the assignment of the ACACIA 2014 Prize, LCA has converted one of its meeting rooms in a real artist’s Project Room, that has become – thanks to the exhibition of Letizia Cariello, Chiara Camoni, Botto&Bruno and Franco Guerzoni – a privileged meeting and exchange place in which the passion for art reveals itself in a professional context. Moreover, LCA supports the contemporary artistic research having sponsored, among all other initiatives, the Emergent Prize of MIART, awarded to the best emerging gallery on the contemporary art scene, and the exhibition “Elegantia” curated by Francesco Garutti at the Triennale of Milan.

LCA’s strong commitment towards art and its promotion outside the traditional circuits grounds, on the one hand, on the institutional aims of sustaining innovation in every field and endorsing creativity, and, on the other hand, on the full recognition of art as cultural investment and source of personal and social enrichment.

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