Media | 17.02.2021

The Simplified Arbitration Procedure Of The Milan Chamber Of Arbitration

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On July 1st, 2020, the Milan Chamber of Arbitration enacted its new Arbitration Rules, applicable to all proceedings commenced from the same date.

The novelties in the New Rules are mainly inspired by the impact of COVID-19 on business relationships and its potential to increase litigation (it is estimated that such an increase might be of about 25%). More generally, the New Rules aim at helping companies and consumers to solve any dispute, even not related to COVID-19, easily, quickly and with lower costs.

The New Rules introduce a contractual determination procedure (Annex E) and a Simplified Arbitration Procedure (Annex D). On Mondaq, Gian Paolo Coppola and Silvia Monti focus on the Simplified Arbitration Procedure, describing its features, comparing it with the expedited arbitration procedures set forth in the rules of other European arbitral institutions and, finally, making some predictions about the extent of its application.

Download the full article here.

Marketing & Communication

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