News | 12.03.2020

The legal answers you would like to have about the effects of Coronavirus on your business

The health emergency caused by Coronavirus is generating concerns and uncertainties about the economic relations of all of us.

To help clarifying the various measures that have taken place in recent days – and that will continue to follow – we have collected the most recurring questions from our customers and we provided the relevant answers in a clear and simple ready-to-use Handbook, that addresses the main critical issues related to:

  • the new DPCM dated March 11th, 2020;
  • the commercial contracts;
  • Labour;
  • Criminal Law;
  • Real Estate;
  • Data Protection;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Banking and Finance;
  • Food Safety;
  • Shipping;
  • Capital Markets;
  • Restructuring;
  • and Corporate Immigration.

Read it here!


This document does not constitute a legal opinion and is updated as at March 12th, 2020. Its contents might be modified based on new measures possibly enacted by the Italian government. Please seek legal advice for specific questions.

Marketing & Communication

Banking, Finance & Regulatory

We pride ourselves on the distinguished support we provide to financial institutions, investment funds, sponsors and corporations to help them structure, negotiate and implement a wide range of domestic and international financing and structured finance transactions, including bond issues and securitisations of performing and non-performing loans.

Commercial and corporate

While LCA can offer and support you in a broad variety of services, we pride ourselves on consultancy for company law, domestic and international corporate contracts, commercial and corporate litigation and all the regulatory aspects typical of the various markets involved.

Corporate Immigration

Here at LCA, we boast an expert team specialising in immigration and citizenship law, corporate immigration and global mobility and, in general, all legal aspects relating to the management of expatriate personnel.

Criminal Law

Here at LCA, we understand that economic and business activity is increasingly characterised by risks, prohibitions and issues that may lead to criminal liability. With that in mind, we’ve set up our own criminal law department, providing highly specialised assistance in risk prevention and criminal litigation.

IT & Data Protection

At LCA, we take great pride in the specific expertise we’ve gained in the management of privacy issues, ensuring full compliance with European (GDPR) and Italian legislation and with the directives issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority. We have years of experience in monitoring innovations in big data and cybersecurity.

Labour and Trade Union Relations

At LCA, we work with Italian and foreign companies, walking them through all the main aspects of employment law. We provide support and guidance for organisational, contractual and litigious issues that may arise out of employment relations as well as assistance in collective and individual agreements with trade unions and institutional authorities.

Real Estate

At LCA, we provide specialised advice in real estate and construction law, including every aspect of corporate, tax, financing, environmental and urban planning, contentious and non-contentious. We’ll support your company from the initial development phases, throughout the realisation of a project, and during the marketing phase


At LCA, we also boast comprehensive and extensive expertise in the Food & Wine sector. Focusing particularly on agri-food law, we have the know-how to provide a range of players with dedicated, specialised legal advice, including: small and medium-sized companies, multinationals, start-ups, agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology companies, breeders, suppliers and distributors, companies operating in the hospitality sector and companies dedicated to food disposal. Our success is a combined result of our profound and diverse knowledge of Italian, European and international industry regulations and long-standing, varied experience in M&A and extraordinary transactions in the agri-food sector.

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