At LCA, we also boast comprehensive and extensive expertise in the Food & Wine sector. Focusing particularly on agri-food law, we have the know-how to provide a range of players with dedicated, specialised legal advice, including: small and medium-sized companies, multinationals, start-ups, agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology companies, breeders, suppliers and distributors, companies operating in the hospitality sector and companies dedicated to food disposal. Our success is a combined result of our profound and diverse knowledge of Italian, European and international industry regulations and long-standing, varied experience in M&A and extraordinary transactions in the agri-food sector.

We use our knowledge to guide and assist clients, supporting and driving them to identify and put in place the best solutions to protect and continuously improve their business products.

We can support you in drafting Italian and international business-to-business and business-to-consumer commercial agreements and joint ventures. We’ll advise on the management of complex M&As, financing, investment and corporate reorganisation transactions and in litigation before Italian, European and international authorities, including those operating specifically in the agri-food sector.

At LCA, we know the value of “Made in Italy”. We guarantee to maintain the standards of excellence expected under this mark in our consultancy services in the following areas: food security, hygiene in the production and transport of food, traceability and food safety, as well as other areas that have important legal implications, such as:

  • quality signs (Protected Designation of Origin, PDO/Protected Geographical Indication, PGI) and trademarks
  • food labelling, advertising and unfair competition
  • protecting “Made in” products, combating Italian sounding products and counterfeiting
  • health and nutritional claims
  • excise duties on alcohol, tax and customs issues in international food trade
  • e-commerce, privacy, new media and new technologies
  • monitoring systems and disputes


We understand the levels of complexity of this industry, and that establishing the food and wine market on a global scale can be a multifaceted process. Through our expertise in EU and international law, we can support you through both the production and marketing stages. We are experts in the regulations of third countries in relation to contractual and commercial relationships between companies and between companies and consumers. We’ve acquired this very specialised know-how through international experience and networks of relationships built up over the years. That’s why we can help you search for new commercial outlets and support you in the relocation of primary production.



Ranked for Industry Focus - Food

Ranked for Industry Focus - Food

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