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The EU Temporary Protection Directive: latest update in Italy

Mr. Draghi signed the Presidential decree - “DPCM” - that gives further implementation to the EU Temporary Protection Directive

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On March 28, 2022, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Draghi, signed the Presidential decree – “DPCM” – that gives further implementation to the EU Temporary Protection Directive.

The DPCM clarifies that:

  • the duration of the residence permit is until March 4, 2023.


  • the residence permit that the local Police stations (Questura) will issue will have an initial duration until March 4, 2023, and it can be renewed for further No. 2 periods of 6 months each.


  • the residence permit will be revoked or not renewed should the EU Council adopt a decision to end the application of the Temporary Protection (should there be a positive evolution of the situation).


  • the residence permit allows the holder to access the health care (registration at local health care centers – ASL/ATS/ASST) and educational system and to carry out work activities (subordinate or autonomous).


  • the holder of a residence permit for temporary protection will be entitled to apply for a residence permit for international protection (pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 85 of April 7, 2003) – the evaluation of the application will be postponed to the termination of the temporary protection.


Ukrainian nationals and the individuals entitled to apply for temporary protection according to the EU Directive who do not hold a valid passport may go to the Ukrainian Embassy/Consulate in Italy to be identified at such Consulate/Embassy upon arrival. Applicants who shall lodge an application for family members, such as minor children, shall ensure to procure birth certificates and vital record certificates which will be required to complete the application.

LCA Corporate Immigration Team is available for any request of clarification or assistance in this regard and will keep you posted on any development on this matter.

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