News | 21.12.2016

NABA’s creativity for LCA’s Christmas video!

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This year LCA, within the initiatives of the project “LAW IS ART!”, commissioned to NABA students, an Art Academy in Milan, the realization of a Seanson’s Greetings short video to be sent to all clients. The young artists, together with their professors, have been at the Law Firm today, for a toast and for the official presentation of their videos.

LCA’s strong commitment towards art and its promotion outside the traditional circuits grounds, on the one hand, on the institutional aims of sustaining innovation in every field and endorsing human creativity, and, on the other hand, on the full recognition of art as cultural investment and source of personal and social enrichment.

We wish the best for their future artistic carrier to Mirko Ingrao and Francesco De Luca, winners of the contest, and to all the other participants.

Here are the videos of the winners:

(Mirko Ingrao, THE HUG – “Two invisible bodies, two souls, two essences who dance in a cold winter night. An embracing dance that lives thanks to the contrast between cold and warm colors. A brighting hug that takes place on the Nutcracker notes”).

(Francesco De Luca, CANDLES – “The lighting of a candle, a simple gesture, affordable for everyone and universally recognized, which is associated in many cultures to the expression of a wish. In many religions it represents humility, hope, warmth of spirit, and the triumph of light over darkness”).


Marketing & Communication