News | 10.03.2017

LCA with ASLAWomen for Equal Opportunities

Marketing & Communication

LCA Law Firm proudly supported the publication of the “Codice delle Pari Opportunità – Code of Fair Opportunities” by the section ASLA Women of ASLA, the Association of Associated Law Firms, with a preface by Monica Parrella, Coordinator of the Office for actions on Gender Equality and Fair Opportunities of the Department of Fair Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

In particolar, Barbara de Muro – as responsible of ASLAWomen – took care of the presentation of the work, while the contribution of Maria Grazia Longoni Palmigiano focused on the evolution of the Italian family law.

With this book, the outcome of the shared knowledge of women lawyers with different specializations, ages and expertise, that work in Law Firms members of ASLA, ASLAWomen aims at targeting not only professionals who deal with diversity, but also a more heterogeneous and wider audience, proposing a work with a scientific approach but deliberately empty of technical words.

The authors, according to the essence that characterizes all ASLAWomen initiatives, assigned to ASLA and ASLAWomen their exploitation rights on the works, in order to be invested in new projects dedicated to the respect and value of differences.

Marketing & Communication