News | 14.11.2019

Innovation: thinking ahead the legal environment 

Marketing & Communication

I would rather have a very good person next to me and potentially also a good professional, but never a bad person and a fantastic professional“, these are few words from Giovanni Lega‘s speech which was invited in Kyiv, Ukraine, on the occasion of the Big Ideas Morning kick-off on the last October 29th.

The event was organized by CFC Big Ideas Morning, an important communications agency specializing in international projects, government relations & PR, involved in this special brand-new project that invites international speakers on a regular basis to speak about their own innovative projects and idea-driven changes in their industry in order to inspire businesses and to encourage new B2B connections.

In his presentation titled “Innovation: thinking ahead the legal environment“, our Managing Partner touched upon the changes underway in the legal industry and the possible directions of the future innovative revolution.

Take a look at the following video to see how the event worked!


Marketing & Communication