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6 April 2017

Today, Maria Grazia Longoni Palmigiano will take part to a conference entitled “Stradivari, vintage cars and Caravaggio’s paintings: collecting as an income way?”, organized by the Italian-German Economic Association, that will take place in Dusseldorf in Germany. Her speech will focus on insurance of art works, musical instruments and vintage cars.

Today and on April 11th, Gianluca De Cristofaro and Federica Furlan will be guest speakers at the XVIII edition of the full time Master “Communication and digital media” organized by the Business School of Sole 24 Ore on advertising and publication of contents on the Internet. Covered topics: misleading and comparative advertising, protection of the advertising creation, online advertising, brand creation and use of third-party contents on the Internet.

On April 7th, moreover, Andrea Messuti will be at the Padua University, at the Master in International Corporate Law Expert, for a lecture on “Fund raising and corporate transactions”.

Finally, on April 8th Antonio Martino will give a speech at the Master of Science in Tax Law of the Business School of Sole 24 Ore. His speech will focus on “VAT in real estate and other indirect taxes”.

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