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FAMILY COHESION – Coesione familiare

4 Ottobre 2019

Case: Akira is a Japanese project engineer, employed by an automotive enterprise based in Nagoya with several subsidiaries around the globe. In order to develop a new project, crucial for the international expansion of the company, Akira has been recently transferred to an Italian subsidiary, for an expected initial period of 2 years. Akira is […]

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FAMILY REUNIFICATION – Ricongiungimento familiare

20 Settembre 2019

Case: Latika is a 70-year old Indian woman, she used to run a traditional restaurant in downtown Mumbai with her husband and has a 29-year old son, Jamal, who is currently working as an IT engineer and software developer for a leader high tech Italian enterprise based in Milan. After her husband’s death, Latika lost […]

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Internship visa and residence permit

26 Luglio 2019

Case: Zaira is an Iranian biotechnology engineer, who has recently graduated from a University in Teheran, Iran, obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology Engineering. Zaira is interested in improving her professional experience and skills by taking part in an internship program offered and implemented by a worldwide-recognized Italian Company, active in the biotechnologies industry and, […]

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Dear Adidas, ”Impossible is nothing”… a parte salvare il marchio “a tre strisce” (forse)!

17 Luglio 2019

I giudici del Tribunale dell’Unione Europea, con sentenza emessa il 16 giugno 2019, si sono pronunciati sulla nota vicenda relativa al marchio “a tre strisce” del colosso tedesco dell’abbigliamento sportivo Adidas AG. Ripercorriamo brevemente la travagliata storia del marchio fino alla sentenza in commento. Nel 2013, Adidas aveva presentato domanda di registrazione, nel territorio dell’Unione […]

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