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Rheinmetall with LCA enters the loitering munitions market

15 October 2021

LCA Studio Legale, with a team comprising Elena Felici and Christian Caserini for commercial and corporate aspects, Andrea Carreri with Marco Losito and Linda Lorenzon for FDI/Golden Power profiles, and Leonardo De Vecchi for administrative matters, has advised the German multinational group Rheinmetall (a leading company in the field of production, development and marketing of armaments) in the signing of a strategic partnership with the Israeli company UVision Ltd. for the design, production and marketing of new guided munition systems.

The agreement, which is currently under review of the Italian Prime Minister’s Office in the context of FDI/Golden Power procedures, was signed by the Italian subsidiary of the Rheinmetall Group (RWM Italia S.p.A.) and aims at exploiting the capabilities of the involved companies in order to extensively provide the European market with the brand new guided weapon systems known as loitering munitions. Rheinmetall will take the industrial, technological and commercial lead in order to improve the system capabilities, while UVision will provide its in-depth technological expertise and operational experience.

Through this partnership, Rheinmetall and UVision will offer end-to-end solutions for this type of munitions to armed forces across Europe.

Read more on Defence Connect, European Defence Review.



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