Fiscal Law

LCA knows that every transaction, be it national or cross-border, even the simplest one, has fiscal implications. From the acquisition of a company, to multi-jurisdictional re-organization, to the buying and selling of a real estate asset, and to the settlement of a civil or commercial litigation, a deep knowledge and day-to-day interaction with national and international tax laws can favor the client by both reducing unforeseen risks and by attaining appropriate tax savings.

The Law Firm has therefore created a structured tax law department, that works in synergy with the other internal practices. The professionals active in this sector have different and complementary backgrounds and expertise (being both lawyers and tax advisors). Their professional experience covers all areas and issues: from income tax to VAT, from indirect taxation to excise fees, and from customs duties to all the complex aspects of international tax matters. The client can therefore take advantage of the strong skills of LCA’s professionals both in the transaction-structuring phase, in negotiations with financial authorities and in tax litigation.