Assistance for businesses in crisis

LCA’s professionals, with their highly-specialist experience in the sector, are able to assist and guide businesses in the responsible management of corporate crises, ranging from an in-depth analysis of specific financial and equity situations and the causes of crises, to the identification and planning of the most appropriate tools to tackle them.

Where possible, these activities aim to preserve business continuity and to recover profitability, achieved through the arrangement of recovery plans, debt-restructuring agreements or compositions enabling business continuity.

If this is not the case, assistance is directed at the identification of the liquidation process best suited to the specific situation (bankruptcy or liquidation composition).

LCA’s multidisciplinary vocation guarantees all-round assistance: technical defence during procedures, putting together of an action plan, assistance in corporate or negotiation transactions functional to the latter and assistance in the treatment of tax debts, trade union relations and accessing ordinary or extraordinary finance instruments.

Finally, several LCA professionals possess the requirements set out in art.67, paragraph 3, letter d) of Italian Bankruptcy Law for the issue of declarations in the cases provided for by law.