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The integration between LCA Law Firm and SeAS Sanzo e Associati is now a reality

6 August 2018

The announced integration between LCA Law Firm and SeAS Sanzo e Associati, a national legal excellence specializing in corporate crisis law, is now a reality.

Giovanni Lega will keep holding the role of Managing Partner, while Salvatore Sanzo will be the President of the Association. Eight new partners will join LCA (Salvatore Sanzo, Maria Carla Barbarito, Diana Burroni, Luciano Castelli, Daniele Nataloni, Michele Petriello, Angela Petrosillo, Antonio Salvia), together with twelve associates.

This integration will allow LCA to provide companies with a highly qualified assistance, thanks to the long-standing experience of LCA Law Firm in the legal and tax advisory and in extraordinary transactions, and to SeAS’s expertise on corporate crisis law.

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