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FAMILY COHESION – Coesione familiare

4 October 2019

Case: Akira is a Japanese project engineer, employed by an automotive enterprise based in Nagoya with several subsidiaries around the globe. In order to develop a new project, crucial for the international expansion of the company, Akira has been recently transferred to an Italian subsidiary, for an expected initial period of 2 years. Akira is […]

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Internship visa and residence permit

26 July 2019

Case: Zaira is an Iranian biotechnology engineer, who has recently graduated from a University in Teheran, Iran, obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology Engineering. Zaira is interested in improving her professional experience and skills by taking part in an internship program offered and implemented by a worldwide-recognized Italian Company, active in the biotechnologies industry and, […]

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Study visa and residence permit

3 July 2019

Case: Rajesh is an Indian student who has recently graduated from a University in New Delhi, India, by obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering. Rajesh is interested in completing his education by attending a Master Degree Program offered by a prestigious Italian University and, possibly, have the opportunity to work during his stay in […]

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Van Der Elst work permit

21 June 2019

Case: Camila is an Argentinian software engineer, she has been living for several years in Belgium, where she has been hired by a Belgian software company in light of her solid knowledge and sophisticated skills, and she holds a work and residence permit for Belgium. The Belgian company for which Camila works has entered into […]

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Service Agreement work permit

31 May 2019

Case: Nasrin is an offshore rig technician and engineer, she has worked in the petroleum industry for many years and has acquired a solid knowledge and sofisticated skills. Nasrin is currently employed by a Qatari corporation, located in Doha, which has entered into an international service agreement with an Italian company that carries out explorations […]

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