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The Elephant Is in the Room and Has Zlatan’s Likeness

26 November 2020

Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Monday night pointed an accusing finger at the popular EA sports game FIFA for using his likeness, apparently without his consent. Also, Gareth Bale joined the query and many other will follow. Electronic Arts (EA), as also Konami, uses the name and likeness rights of the football players under a license granted […]

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Residence Card for family members of EU nationals

6 March 2020

Case: Karel is a Dutch financial advisor, employed by a large consultancy firm based in Amsterdam, with several offices and subsidiaries around Europe. As part of a new global project implemented by the company, which aims at transferring its employees to different countries, Karel is supposed to be assigned to the Italian office, located in […]

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Residence permit for journalists and correspondents

21 February 2020

Case: Erick is a 48-year old Canadian business journalist from Montreal, he has graduated in economics and political sciences from the University of Toronto and has been working as an anchorman for Ontario’s most popular real time TV network for the past 20 years, hosting the economic and political evening news. In order to increase […]

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Job-searching residence permit

7 February 2020

Case: Joel is a Mexican national who has been living in Italy for the past 2 years and worked, on the basis of a work permit for subordinate work, in the transport industry for an Italian company active in this sector. Due to unexpected losses in revenues and the subsequent financial distress, the Italian company […]

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Study residence permit conversion #2 – “Quota mechanism”

24 January 2020

Case: George is a Nigerian medical student who has decided to enroll at the medical school of the University of Parma, which ranks among the top ten Italian universities for medicine and health care, and he has moved to Italy on a student visa to start off his academic path. During the third year, however, […]

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