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Litigation 2020: Trends and Developments – Chambers Global Practice Guide

10 December 2020

Jurisdiction in Proceedings for Provisional Measures under EU Regulation 1215/2012 LCA has acted in a number of recent cases concerning provisional measures, in which the Italian courts have declined jurisdiction under EU Regulation 1215/2012. There seems to be a common path in these decisions: the principle of mutual trust embodied in the EU legislation on […]

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Insolvency 2020: Trends and Developments – Chambers Global Practice Guide

27 November 2020

The Condition of the Italian Business System after COVID-19: Some Indications to Face the Crisis In a year that will be remembered mainly for the COVID-19 health emergency, “crisis” is almost certainly the most recurrent word: the effects of the pandemic have indeed permeated across every possible context, both in the public and private sphere. […]

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When to negotiate, when to mediate, when to litigate (and how)

1 September 2020

How to decide if it’s more convenient to negotiate, mediate or litigate to solve a dispute? Covid-19 has forced us to review a large number of contracts and commercial relations in all economic sectors, involving companies and people now facing the consequences of this unprecedented event. Gian Paolo Coppola and Marco Imperiale have written a […]

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Latest updates on the Italian Investor Visa

26 May 2020

As a response to the dramatic impact that the Covid-19 health emergency had on the Italian and global economy, the Italian Government has taken actions in order to attract and encourage foreign capitals and investments. Read here the alert by the Corporate Immigration Team.

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The European Commission expanded the Temporary Framework to provide recapitalization aids to further support companies in the context of the Covid-19 outbreak

14 May 2020

The European Commission decision of 8 May 2020 has extended the scope of the State aid Temporary Framework to allow public interventions to support non-financial companies in financial difficulty due to the emergency from Covid-19 through recapitalization of the same. In the new Alert Marina Rosito and Francesco Cazzini offer an overview of the criteria […]

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