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Changes to the EU Blue Card work permit

8 November 2021

Both the European Parliament and the European Council approved the reform of the EU Blue Card for highly qualified third-country nationals aiming at moving and working in Europe. In particular, under the revised rules, the most relevant amendments to the applicable legislation concern less stringent criteria and requirements for both third-country applicants and EU employers. […]

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The news of the Green Pass Decree

23 September 2021

Employers are required to provide for – by October 15, 2021 – appropriate internal procedures/protocols for the organization of rules on Green Pass control activities, under penalty of specific sanctions. Employees who inform the company that they are not in possession of the Green Pass (before entering the workplace) or who are found not to […]

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Drones, legal and technological innovation

7 September 2021

The Italian and European legislators have introduced new regulatory instruments aimed at increasing the competitiveness of companies operating in the agri-food sector. In this scenario of technological and legal innovation, drones play a leading role lending themselves, on the one hand, to the development and digitization of the agricultural sector in view of the objectives […]

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