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Mattia Bosco inaugurates the exhibition “Time is a child playing” at Palazzo Borromeo

25 March 2019

A new Art Event for LCA Law Firm, during the week in which Milan hosts MIART, the most important international fair dedicated to contemporary art in Italy, that has been actively supported by the Law Firm through the prize “LCA for Emergent” awarded to the best emerging gallery exhibiting at the fair.

Thanks to the long-lasting collaboration between LCA Law Firm, Antonini Milan, AXA XL Art & Lifestyle and Apice, and after the success of the artistic works “Carillon: Opera per Archi” by Letizia Cariello in 2016, “Transition_Giorgio Morandi” by Brigitte March Niedermair in 2017 and “Play in the garden_2018” by Michele Guido in 2018, the gorgeous setting of Palazzo Borromeo will host this year a new awaited event: the Mattia Bosco exhibition, titled “Time is a child playing”.

The artistic research conducted by Mattia Bosco, a sculptor with a philosophical background, “is not realized as a removal of the superfluous but as adaptation to a place”, that – in this occasion – will be the wonderful fresco spaces and courtyard of the Borromeo palace. The artist says about his site-specific project: “If time plays with our lives, we should just play the game. Reality will be less “hard” and able to be shaped and molded again. As the game renews the spirit, the sculpture renews things, free of serving or having purposes”.

Mattia Bosco’s sculptural exhibition will be inaugurated on Tuesday, April 2, and will be one of the regular and awaited events organized as part of LCA’s “LAW IS ART!” project, characterized by strong identity and authenticity, as it was born from some of the Firm’s professionals’ passion for art, combined with a profound knowledge of the art market and proven skills in the field of art and tax law.

Within this project, which started with a personal exhibition by Tatiana Trouvé set up at the Firm’s offices, LCA has transformed one of its meeting rooms into a real Artist Project Room, in which the exhibitions of Letizia Cariello, Chiara Camoni, Botto & Bruno, Franco Guerzoni, Silvia Camporesi and, lastly, by Silvio Wolf, have taken place. Moreover, the Law Firm fosters the contemporary artistic research through various collaborations with the most important academic, institutional and artistic entities, both in Milan and in Italy.

LCA’s commitment in this peculiar field is based on the full recognition of art, particularly contemporary art, as a source of personal enrichment and reveals the Firm’s strong will of promoting and launching high cultural and social value initiatives.

Read here the press release for all the info and registered for the opening using this form!


The exhibition is open from 3 April to 26 July:

  • from monday to thursday 10 a.m – 1 p.m, 2 – 6 p.m.;
  • friday 10 a.m – 1 p.m, 2 – 5 p.m.

Special opening on saturday 6 april from 4 to 8 p.m. after sending an email to  

Free entrance. 

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