The project LAW IS ART was born from the passion of some LCA’s professionals for the art world, in particular the contemporary art, from the deep knowledge of the peculiarities of the art market and from the recognized legal expertise in the art law sector. It was also born from a strong commitment to sustain innovation in the art field, endorse human creativity and promote art outside traditional circuits, and from the recognition of art as cultural investment and personal and social enrichment source.

In 2014 the Law Firm sponsored the MIART 2014 Emergent Prize and hosted the personal exhibition of the artist Tatiana Trouvé, set up in occasion of the assignment of the ACACIA 2014 Prize. Moreover, it has converted one of its meeting rooms in a real artist’s Project Room, hosting the outcomes of the research of some important contemporary artists active on the Milanese, national and international scene, and inaugurating in October an exhibition of art works of Letizia Cariello.

In 2015 the Law Firm, thanks also to the precious contribution and cooperation of important institutional and company partners, started a series of seminars on the multiple aspects of art life, world and market addressed to a cross audience of professionals, connected sectors’ operators, art enthusiasts or simple curious people. Moreover, LCA supported for the second consecutive year the Emergent Prize of MIART, inaugurating at the same time an exhibition of art works of Chiara Camoni and afterwards an exhibition of Botto e Bruno

In 2016, in cooperation with AXA Art and Galleria Minini, LCA supported the tour of the project “Carillon – Opera per archi” by Letizia Cariello across some prestigious Italian artistic locations. In November 2016 it inaugurated an exhibition of Franco Guerzoni.

In 2017, the collaboration between LCA and AXA Art, Antonini Milano and Apice goes on and brings them to project, at the prestigious Palazzo Borromeo, in occasion of MIART, the art exhibition “Transition_Giorgio Morandi”, born from the artistic research of Brigitte March Niedermair. In December 2017, the Firm inaugurates an art exhibition by Silvia Camporesti, in collaboration with Galleria Z2O, AXA Art and Apice.

Finally, carrying on an initiative launched in 2013 with the students of Accademia di Brera with the aim of supporting the future of contemporary art, in occasion of Christmas 2014, 2015 and 2016, LCA has commissioned the realization of its Christmas card (or video) to the students of NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.

Art thus becomes a privileged meeting, discussion and enhancement vehicle of a passion in a professional context.


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Art dates

April 2nd, 2019 - Palazzo Borromeo

“Time is a child playing” by Mattia Bosco

November 26th, 2018 - LCA Law Firm

“Metaphors of Light” by Silvio Wolf

September 28th, 2018 - Cini Foundation, Venice


April 11th 2018 - Palazzo Borromeo

“play in the garden_2018” by Michele Guido

December 12th, 2017- LCA Law Firm

“Impasto Morbido” by Silvia Camporesi

March 29th, 2017 – Palazzo Borromeo, Milan

“Transition_Giorgio Morandi” by Brigitte March Niedermair

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