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Internship visa and residence permit

26 July 2019

Case: Zaira is an Iranian biotechnology engineer, who has recently graduated from a University in Teheran, Iran, obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology Engineering. Zaira is interested in improving her professional experience and skills by taking part in an internship program offered and implemented by a worldwide-recognized Italian Company, active in the biotechnologies industry and, […]

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Study visa and residence permit

3 July 2019

Case: Rajesh is an Indian student who has recently graduated from a University in New Delhi, India, by obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering. Rajesh is interested in completing his education by attending a Master Degree Program offered by a prestigious Italian University and, possibly, have the opportunity to work during his stay in […]

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Van Der Elst work permit

21 June 2019

Case: Camila is an Argentinian software engineer, she has been living for several years in Belgium, where she has been hired by a Belgian software company in light of her solid knowledge and sophisticated skills, and she holds a work and residence permit for Belgium. The Belgian company for which Camila works has entered into […]

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Service Agreement work permit

31 May 2019

Case: Nasrin is an offshore rig technician and engineer, she has worked in the petroleum industry for many years and has acquired a solid knowledge and sofisticated skills. Nasrin is currently employed by a Qatari corporation, located in Doha, which has entered into an international service agreement with an Italian company that carries out explorations […]

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EU Blue Card

17 May 2019

Case: Juan Luis is a Chilean management engineer, he has attended a University in Santiago de Chile gaining a Bachelor and a Master degree in Engineeering Management. Juan Luis is currently residing in Chile but he is willing to move to Europe to work for an Italian company that has identified his profile as particularly […]

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