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Deal or no-deal Brexit?

11 January 2019

The Italian Government has recently expressed its position towards Brexit and the measures that will need to implement in both the case of a possible no-deal Brexit or in case of execution of an agreement. LCA’s Corporate Immigration Team analyzes the important news on the post-Brexit implications in Italy for EU and British citizens. Read […]

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New exemptions discipline

28 November 2018

Exemptions discipline: CONSOB approved the amendments to art. 34-ter, paragraph 1, lett. C) of the Issuers’ Regulations relating to the threshold for exemption from the obligation to publish a prospectus for the public offering of securities. Read here the Alert by our Capital Markets Team.

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16 November 2018

Recently, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) finally released an official statement by means of which it intends to shed lights on and clarify some aspects of the new Italian Investor Visa, which was introduced in late 2017, for those high net worth third-country nationals who desire to move to and reside in Italy […]

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Energy Storage

15 November 2018

Energy storage in the electrical system consists of the accumulation of a certain amount of energy, produced at a given time, in order to be able to use it at a later time of need, both as final energy and as energy to be converted into another carrier. Energy storage offers many opportunities in the […]

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Energy Efficiency

15 November 2018

The energy efficiency of a system – whether of an industrial size or of a civil or residential nature – consists in the ability to exploit the energy supplied to it to satisfy its needs. The lower is the consumption relative to the satisfaction of a given need, the better is the energy efficiency of […]

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