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Service Agreement work permit

31 Maggio 2019

Case: Nasrin is an offshore rig technician and engineer, she has worked in the petroleum industry for many years and has acquired a solid knowledge and sofisticated skills. Nasrin is currently employed by a Qatari corporation, located in Doha, which has entered into an international service agreement with an Italian company that carries out explorations […]

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EU Blue Card

17 Maggio 2019

Case: Juan Luis is a Chilean management engineer, he has attended a University in Santiago de Chile gaining a Bachelor and a Master degree in Engineeering Management. Juan Luis is currently residing in Chile but he is willing to move to Europe to work for an Italian company that has identified his profile as particularly […]

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3 Maggio 2019

Case: Bonggi is a Korean aerospace engineer and he is employed, as a highly-skilled worker by a multinational company based in Seoul, with subsidiaries in Italy and several other European countries. The employer intends to temporary transfer Bonggi to Italy and possibly to other subsidiaries in the EU, in order for the hosting company to […]

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Standard ICT work permit

12 Aprile 2019

Case: Spencer is an Australian chemical engineer and he is employed, as a highly-skilled worker, by a multinational company based in Australia, with a subsidiary in Italy. The employer intends to temporarely transfer Spencer to Italy, in order for the Italian company to benefit from his expertise and deep knlowledge and thus increase its business […]

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Italian autonomous work visa_part 2

22 Marzo 2019

Case: Colette is a Canadian professional photographer, she has always been fascinated by Italian ancient art and architecture, as well as by its iconic landscapes, and intends to obtain a valid residence permit in order to reside in the Italian territory and be able to work as a photographer and improve her skills and expertise. […]

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